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Mt St Helens, Rocks, & Geology


Rocks may be round, jagged, hard, or crumbly. Rocks are all around us every day -- from the concrete jungle we call cities to the wilderness in the far and distant places around the earth. They are made up of many minerals and put together in different ways. But they are attractive to us in some form or another. The beautiful diamond in the wedding ring to the pumice rock thrown from an explosive volcano. Humans are fascinated by them.

This site is under construction. The pages here will contain fascinating details about different types of rocks, and rock formations -- and our first stop will be at Mount Saint Helens. Then, we'll be off to check out a unique rock formation that is puzzling to all who study them - Thunder Eggs.

Please be patient with your tour guide because it takes time to compile information to place in this form. Your guide has been quite busy with the many aspects of this large site. Be sure to stop by all of our other pages while you are here. You may find something else that is interesting to you. There are many subjects posted on this site, so please browse around a bit. And if you're wondering why a spacey background... rocks are scattered throughout the vast expanses of space as well. In fact, we live on a planet-sized rock called Earth.