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Welcome to the Refiner of Gold Creations & Stables Home Page. I hope your visit here is educational and fun. You will find information on marbles, our solar system, and a wide variety of other subjects. There are some sections that are still in the construction phase and will be posted when complete.

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Refiner's Harness Book
    I make model tack for Breyer and Peter Stone horses and other animals as well as for any other brand of model that you may have. All orders are custom, though I may have some spare tack for sale from time to time. I specialize in model harness for drafters. I also make circus performance, light breed, and pony harness; ethnic costumes; jumps and stables. I do have some harness add-ons available at this time -- please inquire as to items available and colors. I plan to add new items to the list as I begin to establish a surplus of costumes. If I am able to make it to any of the local shows, I will bring my supply of sale items with me. If you don't see something you want, just ask -- I might just have it with me.

    Visit the Creations pages for more information on model tack.

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