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My apologies, but all new orders from Refiner of Gold Creations were suspended temporarily. Due to college studies, I was unable able to obtain supplies or fill harness orders. Since graduation from college, my search for stable employment extended beyond my means to accept new orders for lack of findings and leather. In the meantime, I diligently updated the entire NorthWest Breyer Horse Club Equinealities Articles for the new millenium. I do have a very limited supply of materials, and may have enough to complete an order - please e-mail me first.
I make model tack for Breyer and Peter Stone horses and other animals as well as for any other brand of model that you may have. All orders are custom, though I may have some spare tack for sale from time to time. I specialize in model harness for drafters. I also make circus performance, light breed, and pony harness; ethnic costumes; jumps and stables. I do have some harness add-ons available at this time -- please inquire as to items available and colors. I plan to add new items to the list as I begin to establish a surplus of costumes. If I am able to make it to any of the local shows, I will bring my supply of sale items with me. If you don't see something you want, just ask -- I might just have it with me.
All harness comes on a cut-out form with detailed instructions on how to put it on your model, and a harness manual with hints on storage and care. For best fit to your model(s), please specify which model(s) you will be using the harness on. For example, you should specify Brabant/Roy, Clyde Stallion, Clyde/Shire Mare, Old Belgian #94, Old mold Shire Mare, Porcelain Shire, Shetland Pony, etc. Some models can use harness interchangeably, but the model who will be most likely to wear (or will most frequently wear) the harness should be your best choice. A harness made for the Clyde Stallion or Belgian #94 is not likely to fit well on the Roy/Brabant Belgian or the Old Mold Shire Mare. Please inquire as to the availability of colors in leather (typically tan, brown and black are used, but show harnesses may be made from other colors, sometimes 2 colors in 1 harness set).
Metal findings can be in Nickel, Copper or Brass, but brass is difficult to find so please inquire as to availability. Studded Harnesses come in Nickel or Brass only. All Harnesses come with steel hames to match the metal findings on the harness and snaffle bits -- wooden hames and curb bits may be ordered instead of the standard steel hames and snaffles bits. Kidney Drops, Decorative Chains, and Spreaders are extra.

Harnesses sold as teams come with the proper lines (reins) for use as a team -- if using separately as well as a team, a second set of long lines should also be requested and will be included at no extra charge. Lines will be supplied on a separate board than the harness, which should be retained for storage of lines.

Shipping and Handling Charges for Tack

less than $50 $3
$50 - $75 $4
$75 - $100 $6
$100 and over $7
Prioity Mail Charge (2nd Day USPS) $5
Insured Package Charge (up to $10 IPC) 5%
Stables TBD

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The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
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Shipping and Handling charges should be included when ordering.
No orders will be shipped until paid in full.
Harness orders over $50.00 require a 10% deposit.
Stable orders require 50% deposit.
Payments processed via Paypal.